April Quarantine brings May…Quarantine

Greetings from the inside!! 

To the shock of no one Rebel Lens Films has been indoors due to the Coronavirus since mid-March. Yet, this hasn’t stopped our hustle as we’ve been tirelessly editing and planning our future productions once it’s safe to come outside!

This time in isolation has been a godsend for our first feature film “The Improviser”. It’s given us the time to meticulously and painstakingly edit our cut, trimming and hammering out all the scenes to make the best movie we possibly can! We’ve spent countless days in quarantine just re-working scenes over and over again..our tedious attention to detail will be all worth it once the film gets the opportunity to be seen by a live audience! 

Won’t that be a sight..people gathering in one space for entertainment..

Besides our film we also started to take a look at the footage we shot for our newest web-series “Spacecab Confessions”. We strung out all the good takes for each “ride” and made a large cut. In between editing our feature film we started to cut up the rides, adding all the camera angles, and sending out the footage so we can start building the “galaxy” around the spacecab. Stay tuned for news on that!

As for now, as we all wait out this virus be sure to check out Rebel Lensprevious work on our Vimeo page (https://vimeo.com/rebellens). From our short films, web-series, sketches, filmed stage show “Enchantment Park: in 3D & 4D!!”, and more!!

Stay safe, wash your hands and we’ll see you on the other side!!