Channel 101, Festivals, & Pitch Meetings!!

Rebel Lens Films has been busy at work this spring with a slew of new projects.
Dan MacNamara’s “Wish Weasel” has been on a roll getting into 14 film festivals and counting: including our hometown festival the Astoria Film Festival were “Wish Weasel” won the Audience Award!

We also released our short film thriller “Followed” onto our Vimeo page, and you can check it out here on our homepage as well..for mature audiences only!! Along with that we are editing our first feature film “The Improviser” daily trying to get it completed before the new film festival season is underway!

Rebel Lens is also currently in production on a new comedic web-series called “STAKEOUT” that follows the partnership of two Muppet Detectives as they stakeout various criminal suspects..yup that’s right, MUPPETS! Starring Zach Garner and Daniel Florio, our first episode was selected to show at Channel 101 NY’s last live show where we were voted into “production” and will be competing at the next show with a brand new episode in July!  

Also in July our short film “KAREN” will be showing at the Long Island Film Expo 2019 in Bellmore, NY! We’ll be showing our short on July 13th in the 3:45pm-5:45PM block, for tickets and info head to:

Finally Rebel Lens travelled out to Los Angeles in June where we had a few meetings with some major networks to pitch potential shows. It’s all up in the air at the moment but the hustle remains!