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Festivals and Releases!!

Rebel Lens Films has been busy all winter long working on our slate of projects and with spring blossoming we wanted to give an update on what’s coming up!

Dan McNamara’s web-series “Wish Weasel”, produced by Rebel Lens Films, has been blowing up on the festival circuit getting into nine festivals and counting. Among them our hometown fest Astoria Film Festival, Origins Film Festival, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Hoboken Film Festival, Outlanta Con as well as a contuining champion at Channel 101 NY’s monthly screenings. For more info check out the Wish Weasel website:

Our short film “KAREN” was also shown some festival love and was selected for the Long Island International Film Festival happening in July at the Bellmore Playhouse. Tickets are available here:

Rebel Lens also worked quickly this winter on a short film thriller, “Monitored” that we released directly onto our Vimeo page. Sure to give any new parents nightmares for years!

We are also currently collaborating with some of our favorite comedic friends and collaborators on a slew of new sketches!!

As for our first feature film “The Improviser” we are currently starting the editing process and will give updates as we progress!

For now check out our previous shorts and sketches:



Winner at LIIFE!!!

Rebel Lens Films is excited to announce that our short horror film “KAREN” was nominated and WON “Best Horror Film” at the Long Island International Film Expo. What an awesome festival, seeing some great films, and getting the chance to meet some great directors, actors, & filmmakers!
So grateful to those who voted for us and the awesome people at LIIFE for putting together a great festival!

In other festival news “KAREN” was nominated for four awards at the upcoming Austin Revolution Film Festival in Austin, TX this September including “Best U.S. Genre Short”!! For more information head to 


The Summer is Heating Up!!

The summer has been a busy one for Rebel Lens Films! 

First we have been working on our newest web-series “Stakeout”, about two undercover cops on various stakeouts, that just happen to be Muppets. It has been featured in the past two months at Channel101 NY and we’ll be competing to “survive” coming up in August, as we also show the final episode of “Wish Weasel” there as well. 
Both of these web-series will also be screened at the Astoria Film Festival’s summer web-fest as well!
Speaking of film festivals,  our horror-thriller “KAREN” recently premiered at the Long Island International Film Expo, and was nominated for “Best Horror Movie” too! We also recently found out “KAREN” was selected as part of the Austin Revolution Film Festival this September in Austin, Texas! 
There we have been nominated for “Best U.S. Genre Short” and “Best Actress in a Short” for our lead Joy Shatz’s amazing performance! If you’re in Austin September 3-7th come thru, Rebel Lens will be there with the cast and crew! 
Finally we continue to edit our first feature film “The Improviser” and are hard at work getting it ready for the upcoming film festival circuit! 

Channel 101, Festivals, & Pitch Meetings!!

Rebel Lens Films has been busy at work this spring with a slew of new projects.
Dan MacNamara’s “Wish Weasel” has been on a roll getting into 14 film festivals and counting: including our hometown festival the Astoria Film Festival were “Wish Weasel” won the Audience Award!

We also released our short film thriller “Followed” onto our Vimeo page, and you can check it out here on our homepage as well..for mature audiences only!! Along with that we are editing our first feature film “The Improviser” daily trying to get it completed before the new film festival season is underway!

Rebel Lens is also currently in production on a new comedic web-series called “STAKEOUT” that follows the partnership of two Muppet Detectives as they stakeout various criminal suspects..yup that’s right, MUPPETS! Starring Zach Garner and Daniel Florio, our first episode was selected to show at Channel 101 NY’s last live show where we were voted into “production” and will be competing at the next show with a brand new episode in July!  

Also in July our short film “KAREN” will be showing at the Long Island Film Expo 2019 in Bellmore, NY! We’ll be showing our short on July 13th in the 3:45pm-5:45PM block, for tickets and info head to:

Finally Rebel Lens travelled out to Los Angeles in June where we had a few meetings with some major networks to pitch potential shows. It’s all up in the air at the moment but the hustle remains!


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